Old School Organ

Precisionsound releases Classroom Pumporgan for Kontakt and EXS24

Inside Ableton

New documentary shows what it's like to work as a developer at Ableton

Sounds For Moog Phatty

Moog Music collaborates with select Moog artists to craft a series of preset packs

More Sounds For Steinberg Groove Agent

Steinberg releases Future Past Perfect: Beats for House Music expansion pack

Nemesis Synth Goes Atmospheric And Ambient

Tone2 releases Ambientica set of 170 patches



The Story Of A Guitar Mag

Backbeat Books publishes Guitar Player: The Inside Story with foreword by Joe Satriani

UAD Distortion Essentials In Action

Ibanez Tube Screamer, Bermuda Triangle and RAW Distortion stompbox plug-ins demoed

GHS Extends Boomer String Range

Thin and Thick Core Boomers introduced

EHX Looping Pedal In Action

Bill Ruppert demonstrates some sample tricks in this new video with the 360 Nano Looper

Keeley Delay Stompbox Ships

RECINO super clean digital delay pedal is now available



Pocket Operator Week - All Together Now

So just how musically useful are they?

Podcast: Sonic TALK 395 - Kraftwerk, Wizards Of Oz

Behringer Midas Synth, Steinberg VST Connect, Aira MX-1 Performance

Pocket Operator Week - PO16 Factory

The melodic operator under the scrutiny of Gaz Williams

Pocket Operator Week- PO14 Sub

B-lines in your pocket from Teenage Engineering

Pocket Operator Week - PO12 Rhythm

Part 2- the PO Drum Machine

Sonic LAB: Korg Volca Sample Review

The first digital Volca - and it swings

Sonic LAB: Korg MS-20 Desktop Kit

More DIY synth action from Korg - plus the SQ-1

MOST READ - this week

1 Korg Posts Third Electribe Video

Last of the three in the series sees PAINTVOX using the new Electribe

2 Mac And iOS MIDI Transfer Over USB

Secret Base Design releases Music IO

3 80's Synth Pop Sounds For MASCHINE

Native Instruments introduces NEON DRIVE Expansion

4 PROMARS For AIRA System-1 As Promised

Roland announces a software reproduction of the 1979 mono synth

5 Modulus 002 Synth Insights

Paul Maddox of Modal Electronics in video interview

6 Sunrizer Synth Now Available For Macs

Beep Street releases the AU version of their iPad synth


New Electribe In Action

Korg posts a video of one of the new Electribe's developers giving it a workout

DanceFair 2015: Korg Odyssey Sync Demo

We finally get in a room with the Arp Reboot

ARP Odyssey Shootout

New Korg goes head to head with a vintage ARP from 1978

Kraftwerk's iPad Connection

IK Multimedia iRig MIDI is an essential part of their touring equipment

12 DSI Voices In Action

Ambient chillout space music on a Dave Smith Poly Evolver

Elektron Launches Record Label

A home for 12-inch vinyl records by artists using Elektron instruments

Korg's New ARP Odyssey In Action

Single sound demo video

DanceFair 2015: More on the Roland JD-Xi

Micro musical scratch pad

More Videos

NAMM 2015: Expert Sleepers FH1 

Connect your MIDI controllers to your modular

NAMM 2015: Arturia Beatstep Pro 

Pads on steroids

NAMM 2015: Frap Tools Modular Case Systems 

A neat new folding case system from Italy

NAMM 2015: Jomox T-Rackonizer 

A eurorack version of the popular T-Resonator