MESSE 2015: New NTR Ribbon Mic from RØDE

Rode plus Ribbon equals Win?

Put Some Waterphone In Your Productions

Soundiron releases Waterharp v2.0 multi-sampled percussion and effects library

Produce Pop With The MPC

Akai promotes a Groove 3 training video series featuring the MPC Renaissance

How The Original Doctor Who Theme Was Made

Video takes a look into the BBC Radiophonic Workshop



Roland Blues Cube Review: UPDATED Model - Have The Kinks Been Ironed Out?

We take a second look at the amp, after new updates to the product

Psych Rock Reverb Stompbox

Earthquaker Devices announces the Levitation reverb

Boss Looper For Less

RC-1 Loop Station has had a price reduction to $99

Win A Phaser Signed By Devin Townsend

TC Electronic announces new Toneprints and launches a promotion for the Helix Phaser

Two New PRS Limited Edition Guitars

PRS Guitars announces 30th Anniversary Custom 24 Models



Podcast: Sonic TALK - With Guitar and Modular Editors

Musik Messe wrap with our other team members

MOST READ - this week

1 MESSE 2015: Waldorf Attack For iPad - Sings

New version available soon

2 MESSE 2015: New RME Babyface Pro - we have video

RME founder Matthias Carstens shows us their cute new baby

3 First Details Of 8 Voice Modor NF-1 Digital Synthesizer

Technical overview video just posted

4 MESSE 2015: Icon Q-ConPro G2 Controller Prototype

Prototype shows plenty of display area and meter bridge

5 How The Original Doctor Who Theme Was Made

Video takes a look into the BBC Radiophonic Workshop

6 Play Ableton Chords Using One Note

Siren Audio releases Puck Free Max for Live device


MESSE 2015: Live Blog Day 2 Tech

The show is officially open

MESSE 2015: Live Blog Tech Day 1

Pre show sneak peaks

MESSE 2015: Live Blog Day 3 Tech

Synths and beards possibly

MESSE 2015: Live Blog Day 4 Tech

One last beer and off we go

MESSE 2015: Roland System 100M Analog Modules

Made in conjunction with Malekko

New Hardware Synth Is Proud To Be Digital

Modor NF-1 is now available

More Videos

MESSE 2015: Elektron Overbridge VST Editor- Working 

Working plug-in editor on show

MESSE 2015: Multiclock Super Tight Sync 

From the DAW to the machines

Sonic LAB: Korg Volca Sample Review 

The first digital Volca - and it swings

MESSE 2015: AIRA Modular Customizer 

More in the software editor