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Distortion For Bass Players

EHX posts a video demo of the Nano Bass Big Muff

Rotosound Announces String Change Clinics

Jim Houghton shows UK bassists how to change their strings

Complete Guide To Bass Guitar

Backbeat Books publishes updated version of The Bass Handbook

Small Box Big Muff For Bass

Electro-Harmonix announces the Nano Bass Big Muff


Bass Whammy Available now

DigiTech ships pitch-shifter pedal for bassists

MESSE 2014: Gibson EB Bass

Unprecedented blend of power, fidelity, and versatility comes courtesy of a pair of new Gibson bass pickups by Jim DeCola

MESSE 2014: Redesigned Ampeg BA Series Bass Combos

Five models with new features for gigging and rehearsal

Tube Amp Bass Sound From A Pedal

New EBS ValveDrive DI is now shipping in the UK

9 Guitars Keith Richards Played That Definitely WEREN'T Telecasters

We take a look at some of the Rolling Stones legends lesser-known guitars  [14]

REVIEW: Korg Pandora Stomp Pedal

So what REALLY happens when you open Pandora's box?

Review: Line 6 AMPLIFi 150

Stereo and guitar lifestyle amp

REVIEW: Blackstar Core ID 20 Amp

Programmable amp with ISF and USB audio

Bass, Espresso, And The Art Of Groove

Hal Leonard and Worship Musician introduce The Worship Bass Book

Two Compact Bass Heads From Traynor

SB200H and SB500H Small Block bass heads introduced

Epiphone's February Giveaway

Win a signed Jack Casady Signature Bass

NAMM 2014: Source Audio Soundblox 2 Manta Bass Filter With Hot Hands Wobble Bass (Video Demo)

We went to the Source Audio booth at NAMM - and yes, we had some fun

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The BOSS DM-2 Returns

DM-2W Delay Waza Craft Special Edition introduced

Brazilian Street Guitarist Sounds EXACTLY Like Mark Knopfler

He's quite honestly better at being Mark Knopfler than Mark Knopfler is

Vox Announces New 4-Watt Tube Combo

AC4C1-12 features a 12-inch Celestion speaker

New BOSS Pedal Technology

Waza is rolled out in new versions of the Super Overdrive and Blues Driver

Roland Reinvents Blues Cube Series

Two new portable 1x12 combos aim to deliver tweed amp sound

Mobile App Helps You Learn To Play

SuperMegaUltraGroovy releases their Capo software for iOS

Limited Edition Looper

TC Electronic announces Ditto Looper Gold

Summer NAMM 2014: Pigtronix Rototron Ships

Analog rotary speaker effect stomp box is now available

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