Add 7 PCI Slots To Your Computer

Magma introduce the ExpressBox7 external PCI Express expansion box   17-Jan-08

Add 7 PCI Slots To Your Computer

Magma has announced the availability of ExpressBox7, an external PCI Express expansion product for for desktop computers. ExpressBox7 provides a fast and easy solution for attaching up to seven PCI Express cards to a desktop or server through a x8 PCI Express slot now appearing on most new PC desktop/servers and the Apple MacPro.
Magma tell us that their Expressbox7 is a PCI Express to PCI Express Expansion chassis system that provides a simple, cost-effective solution for expanding the available PCI Express slots of workstations and servers. They say that this allows for significant cost savings to organizations since it eliminates the need to invest in new computer hardware in order to be able to accommodate the growing need for I/O expandability.
Expressbox7 expansion solution provides 7 full-length PCI Express slots. This is a stand alone chassis in an industry standard enclosure with its own power supply. The PCI Express slots are equipped to be hot swappable. This chassis allows the flexibility to seamlessly expand I/O capabilities of servers and workstations utilizing the built-in transparency of PCI Express architecture.
Expressbox7 consists of a PCI Express Host Card, a 1-meter cable and a chassis (including a 400W power supply). Magma Expressbox7 is automatically configured by the System BIOS making all of the slots appear transparent to the host computer.
Pricing and Availability:
Magma ExpressBox7 (Model EB7) includes PCI Express (x8) host card and 1-meter cable (3-meter option) for $2799 More information:
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    Finally, does this mean PT HD3 PCi-e cards can be moved out of the mac-pro?

    Does anyone know if digidesign HD Accel cards are known to working/qualified for use in this expansion chassis?

    17-Jan-08 10:17 AM

    A Pauled    Said...

    $3,000? gimme a damn break

    14-Mar-10 12:19 AM

    Bobi    Said...

    3k for a box to add extra pcie slots.. more expensive and less technology than it takes to build a computer

    someone please offer a cheaper solution

    08-Sep-10 04:53 PM

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