WNAMM08: The Ultimate Boss Pedal

Watch the GT10 in action - this dude rocks...   20-Jan-08

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Here’s the details in Boss’s own words…
Advanced sound
Powered by BOSS’s custom-made new-generation processor and proprietary COSM sound-modeling method, the GT-10 ushers in a new era of audio quality for guitarists. BOSS’s legendary know-how of effects and sound modeling are fully integrated into this new flagship floorboard multi-FX unit. As a result, tone quality is significantly higher, and response to playing dynamics is much more natural and musical. And not just for the stage — the GT-10 is also great in the studio thanks to its USB capability and digital output.
EZ Tone Wizard
The GT-10 is a pro player’s dream, but it’s also friendly enough for first timers. The innovative EZ Tone wizard helps you create top-quality sounds quickly. It offers an intuitive approach to sound design based on graphical icons to quickly realize the sounds that guitarists are imaging. No more struggling with parameters on the LCD.
Truly Intutive Operation
In addition to EZ Tone, general operation of GT-10 is truly intuitive. The Effects Select buttons, for example, enable instant access to the essential parameters of each effect. The values of the parameters shown can be increased/decreased immediately by turning four rotary encoder knobs below the LCD. Operation is as easy as compact pedals on a pedalboard, as you can quickly jump from any effect to any effect.
More Flexibility and Creative Possibilities
GT-10’s Parallel Chain feature provides two separate effects paths, including COSM amp models for seamless switching from clean tone to lead and vice versa. The two channels can be used simultaneously, blended by expression pedal, or even switched based on your playing dynamics.
GT-10 Phrase Loop
The GT-10 also comes equipped with Phrase Loop. This inspiring feature is great for idea sketching and practice as well as in performance with live sound-on-sound looping. You can place the Phrase Loop before or after the effects. Placing the Phrase Loop after the effects lets you achieve a rich variety of performances by combining different tones. Placing the Phrase Loop before the effects, you can apply the effects during loop play. This enables you to adjust effects or compare patch tones.
USB Connectivity
Connect the GT-10 to a wide range of external gear via its rear-panel USB port, where audio and MIDI data can be streamed digitally to computers, digital recorders, or other compatible devices. Safely transfer precious data to and from the GT-10 via USB as well.
Quality Construction
It’s a BOSS tradition to build gear that looks great, is friendly to use, and stands up to the rigors of the road. The GT-10 is no exception, with its strong, stylish design, and six dedicated footswitches plus built-in expression pedal. The high-contrast LCD and LED make using the GT-10 a breeze even on dark stages or in glaring sunlight.
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    Devil in disguise    Said...

    80's love (esp. the hair, of course)..... hahaha

    This is freakin' awesome, not the pedal, the dude.... LOL

    He reminds me of my older sister


    (ps. I bet he's still playing. even as I type.... haha)

    20-Jan-08 08:53 AM

    Marc JX8P    Said...

    Yep, a very enjoyable demo!

    20-Jan-08 09:10 AM

    Mauro Rosati    Said...

    What is the guitar model he's playing?

    20-Jan-08 10:22 AM

    Myles    Said...

    How are you seeing the video? Seems to be broken for me.

    20-Jan-08 03:46 PM

    Myles    Said...

    Ooh nice Rob is demoing one of the new 24 fret Suhrs as well.

    Bonus! And he draws a crowd too ;)

    20-Jan-08 08:40 PM

    Gerald    Said...

    This probably the coolest demo i've ever seen. They should all be like this one. Well done. The product isn't bad either.

    23-Jan-08 01:21 AM

    Russ    Said...

    wow !robs amazing he could give malmstein a run for his money .

    17-Feb-08 10:47 PM

    Jeff GT8    Said...

    That was awesome. I wonder how he created a perfect sound from GT10.

    21-Apr-08 03:08 AM

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