Another Pink One For The Girls

CME is offering the M-key in a pink finish   15-Dec-08

Another Pink One For The Girls

Following the release of their U-key in pink, CME tell us that they are launching a special edition vibrant pink version of their 49 note M-Key controller keyboard. A CME spokesperson had this to say, "The pink M-key will focus on female customers, no matter if she is a professional keyboard player or a music fans, the Pink M-key fits all needs and the distinguished the color will make her be noticed."
CME's M-Key, which is already available in hushed grey, has an ultra-slim, full action semi-weighted keyboard with velocity sensitive keys. M-Key is class compliant for both Windows and Mac (Vista/XP and OS X respectively).
  • 49 note ultra thin full action semi-weighted keyboard, velocity sensitive keys
  • 1 x Programmable Joystick
  • 1 x function button, 2 x data entry button, 1 x slider (assignable), 1 x power LED
  • 1 x USB port, 1 x MIDI out, 2 x pedal connect
  • USB MIDI, class-compliant with Windows Vista/XP and Mac OS X
  • Universal pedal connector, full compatible with switch and expression pedal
  • Note-key shortcut function
Pricing and Availability:
The Pink M-key is now available at $99.00 US MSRP More information:
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    vicky    Said...

    being a girl - would I really want that??? That's probably more a Toys R us 10 year old...

    15-Dec-08 04:10 AM

    metzz    Said...

    Hey Vicky, you are a giorl, you MUST buy this BECAUSE pink is a girl color. NO choice for you girl, sorry.... I have the blue one (really neat) I would get one pinky for myself cause i like the look, but people will think i am a girl so i can't buy it. But if they release the naked Barbie one, then may be i may turn into a gal to get it ;-)

    15-Dec-08 05:00 AM

    BBBBB    Said...

    Korg limited edition KAOSSILATOR in pink:


    15-Dec-08 09:42 AM

    BASS    Said...

    I have a pink cover on my iPod! Not so much because I liked the colour, but it cost me only $2 when all the other available colours where priced around the $20. Should I start questioning my manhood because I own something pink? Am I a girl? Oh my God! am I a *lesbian? I still like girls. Although, in less then 10 days we will be living in the year 2009, the dark ages are still here. Do you honestly believe that wearing pink will make your boobs grow big, or blue will give you a few missing inches to fill up your pants? Yeah, wishful thinking. You don't have to understand genetics to distinguish the differences between a girl and a boy, and certainly you don't need colours for that. Ignorance should not be an excuse for any prejudice and discrimination, considering that the mankind has reached the digital era and we are not leaving in the caves any more.

    *(The reference to lesbians was only as a matter of speech. I have great respect to every individual, their needs and choices).

    22-Dec-08 01:33 PM

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