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Shiny Box of Valves kicks it out   03-Aug-09

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Vox are distributed by Korg and Korg have made a lot of popular products by miniaturizing them - see the Nano controllers f'rinstance. Vox appear to have put  their latest tube head under the same magic raygun for some stylish shrinkage and the result is part of their Modern Classic Range in the form of the NT15H Night Train Valve Amp Head.

Taking the concept pioneered by the Orange Tiny Terror and others, VOX have designed a thing of beauty - it's brushed steel case, my attract paw prints, but it looks great. Capable of some great clean tones and plenty of that British spank Vox have long been known for.

Rob Chappers (AKA The Monkey Lord), takes a look.


  • Rock-solid, all-tube head that is made to travel.
  • Uncompromising sound with two 12AX7 preamp tubes and two EL84 power tubes.
  • Selectable BRIGHT or THICK mode switch provides EQ and Gain variations for just the right tone.
  • Dual-power tube mode offers 15 watt (Pentode Power) or 7.5 Watt (Triode Tone) operation.
  • Master Volume control preserves your gain settings at any playing level.
  • Solid, industrial-chic mirror finish exudes tube coolness.
  • Custom padded carry-case is included.

Night Train NT15H £425 inc VAT / $700 (MSRP)
Cabinet £183 / $359 (MSRP)


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ShadyDave    Said...

Superb review of an outstanding product. One of the best offerings in the current wave of switchable amp heads and Rob does it justice as usual.

03-Aug-09 06:33 AM

sokton89    Said...

Great review as always, Rob! Just lovely how you bring out all the tonal characteristics of this tiny head and furthermore, show us a nice screaming lead tone with a tubescreamer in front! :-) Looking forward to some new awesome reviews! cheers!

03-Aug-09 06:37 AM

Ernesto    Said...

Nice review. The Nighttrain seems to sound kind of thin in comparison to Orange/Egnater/Hughes and Kettner dual EL84 amps, probably the price paid for having a more AC15 type tone in it, which is a nice feature though. If I were looking for a tone like that, I'd still go for the AC15, as it sounds much better to my ear.

03-Aug-09 07:42 AM

AJS19    Said...

Great review, very classy as always! We must have moar! ;)

03-Aug-09 11:01 AM

Fuzzy Picklez    Said...

An interesting sound. It does seem to be a touch thinner then it's 15 watt competitors, but that would definitely work for some people. I think if you were get a hold of one these used, swap out the stock tubes, and crank it. You would have quite that amp. Also great review Chappers. Very informative. It's also good to see you branching out into other places. Hopefully you will receive all the success you deserve.

03-Aug-09 11:19 AM

Mojo292    Said...

Nice review! That looked like the Mayones guitar from the competition!?

03-Aug-09 12:15 PM


Great review, nice to see an honest reviewer point out the bad as well as the good points! That vox is smiles ahead of the TT!

03-Aug-09 01:35 PM

Adi Hughes    Said...

Good review Rob. Very honest and entertaining.

Always loved VOX amps, they just sound really warm...

03-Aug-09 01:56 PM

Fred the Shred    Said...

I must say this is a cute rock amp. I still prefer my trusty battered Orange TT, to be honest, though.

In any case, it's a well structured and informative review you have there, and I can really see a big fanbase for the little chrome bugger coming.

03-Aug-09 02:10 PM

GibsonGuitarsForever    Said...

Nice review Rob :-) I can't wait to see moar! :-D Jordan

04-Aug-09 12:27 AM

Griffo    Said...

This amp sounds damn awesome. Love me some Vox tones.

I hear it even makes toast?

Nice demo mate :)

04-Aug-09 06:03 AM

Moltisanti    Said...

sounds badass, awesome review too. Let's see Chappers reviewing a Boogie MkV :D

04-Aug-09 10:22 AM

Mosais    Said...

Only Rob would can make a great review that also makes you literally laugh out loud :)

05-Aug-09 02:06 AM

The Kaz    Said...

Awesome review! Personally I prefer the gain structure of the Tiny Terror as the one I owned had a fuller, more robust gain sound. However, the triodes setting of the Nighttrain is definitely cool. :) Bravo.

16-Aug-09 09:24 PM

Union Of V    Said...

Look, it's the Orange Crush Man!!! :-D

19-Aug-09 02:50 PM

old dude    Said...

Best, most accurate review I've seen. I own one of these little beasts and it is great!

13-Oct-09 09:16 PM

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