Gibson's Technicolor Dream

The SG Zoot Suit makes its debut   07-Aug-09

Gibson's Technicolor Dream

Gibson are showcasing the new SG Zoot Suit on the front page of their website. Check it out...
The Zoot Suit features a brand new body built with multiple birch wood laminate pieces (each one approximately .075" thick), each dyed with a different color then compressed and bonded together to form one solid block of wood. No paint is used. Each body is given two coats of satin nitrocellulose lacquer.
Pricing and Availability:
$1999 More information:
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    Jammo    Said...

    What a disgusting guitar! Are Gibson totally bereft of any taste? Might suit tv presenters on pre-school kiddie programs, but for any sane person... nah, surely not!

    07-Aug-09 03:31 PM

    Rockhound    Said...

    You obviously have no understanding of the music scene of the late 60's and early 70s. This is an innovative effort by Gisbon to revisit the psychedelic era - learn some rock history (e.g., Clapton and his "fool" SG)- and then comment.

    10-Aug-09 03:38 PM

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