Henry Kaiser Bigs Up Eventide

Grammy-nominated guitarist adds TimeFactor and PitchFactor stompboxes to his rig   10-Aug-09

Henry Kaiser Bigs Up Eventide

Grammy-nominated Henry Kaiser is a guitarist/composer well-known for his collaboration with such artists as Fred Frith, Herbie Hancock, and Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead, among countless others. Kaiser, a long time Eventide aficionado, recently added TimeFactor and PitchFactor stompboxes to his creative arsenal and had this to say...
"The great electric guitarists of the generation before me owed their original guitar sounds and unique personal expressions to the landmark products created by Fender, Gibson, and Marshall. My own guitar style and music developed in tandem with Eventide Harmonizer® products. From the H3000, to the Orville, Eclipse, and now TimeFactor and PitchFactor, Eventide has been an essential element in the ways that I make music. Both live and in the studio, I would not be there and would not choose to continue to be there without my Eventides. They are visionary products that give me the flexibility and inspiration to create truly new sounds. The Eventide designers have always presented the user with unprecedented creative control of so many parameters of effect. No other digital effects units offer even a tiny fraction of the possibilities that these units offer."
Kaiser has recorded and collaborated on over two hundred releases, and performed with countless musicians spanning continents and genres. In the late 1980s Kaiser, along with John French, Fred Frith, and Richard Thompson, formed French Frith Kaiser Thompson recording two albums, Live, Love, Larf & Loaf (1987) and Invisible Means (1990). In 1991, Kaiser joined David Lindley on a recording project in Madagascar featuring collaborations with local musicians. Shanachie records released A World Out of Time and twelve other records stemming from this project. Later in the 1990s Kaiser joined forces with trumpeter Wadada Leo Smith in a tribute to Miles Davis's 1970s seminal shift into electric music called "Yo Miles!" which resulted in several releases. In 2001, Kaiser was awarded a National Science Foundation Antarctic Program Artists and Writers Grant which led to spending two and a half months in Antarctica. His underwater camerawork was featured in The Wild Blue Yonder (2006) and Encounters at the End of the World (2007) major motion pictures directed by highly acclaimed award-winning director, Werner Herzog. Kaiser and David Lindley reunited to create the soundtrack for Encounters at the End of the World. More information:
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