MIDI For Bass Players

Industrial Radio announce the Midi Bass   12-Aug-09

MIDI For Bass Players

Here's all the details from IndustrialRadio:
The Industrial Radio Midi Bass sees the return of the midi bass system designed and developed by Australian engineer Steve Chick. This new Midi Bass design is the culmination of over 25 years of research and development into stringed MIDI instruments and utilises the latest advancements in electronics. The focus of the design has been on developing a high quality instrument with accurate, low latency MIDI tracking which is made possible by the incorporation of electronic sensors throughout the bass. This unique 'split' / 'wired' fret approach to MIDI provides the fastest possible tracking on a stringed MIDI instrument.
With the Industrial Radio Midi Bass, bassists can control synth and sampler technologies direct from the bass in parallel with a great regular bass sound. The Midi Bass offers new sonic dimensions for the cutting edge bass player by enabling them to access the world of synthesis utilising their bass playing skills.
The Industrial Radio Midi Bass is a hybrid bass guitar and MIDI controller able to connect to and control synthesiser and sampler technology via MIDI.
Both bass guitar and MIDI controller, the Industrial Radio Midi Bass gives you the ability to plug into and accurately control hardware and software synths and samplers direct from the bass. Now you can double your natural bass tone with classic, synth bass sounds or trigger any kind of sample or synth sound you can imagine.
The Industrial Radio Midi Bass is a brilliant tool for the professional bassist looking for that edge on stage and in the studio. With ultra-low latency MIDI tracking capabilities the Midi Bass gives bassists the opportunity to use their preferred instrument to access the sonically-rich world of audio synthesis and sampling.
Apart from providing superior MIDI performance the Industrial Radio Midi Bass is simply a beautifully engineered and crafted instrument. Designed in a classic, J-Bass style and constructed with care from only quality timbers and hardware - the Industrial Radio Midi Bass will surely impress all who play it.
Pricing and Availability:
The Industrial Radio Midi Bass price is US$3995 More information:
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