The Wolf Computer Returns

Silicon fuzz pedal designed by Mellowtone is now licensed to FuzzHugger(fx)   01-Sep-09

The Wolf Computer Returns

Mellowtone recently discontinued the Wolf Computer but in a joint effort to keep the pedal alive, as well as to allow Mellowtone to do its thing (bringing out new a line of pedals!), Fuzzhugger(fx) has licensed the Wolf Computer.
Here's what Fuzzhugger have to say... Snarly, searing triple silicon fuzz with Level, Attack, Squelch, and Volt controls. Traditional crunchy fuzz tones, overdrive and distortion, synthy textures, oscillating motorboating, dying Atari sounds, glitching arpeggiation, pseudo sitar tones, and more!
The FuzzHugger(fx) Wolf Computer was created working closely with Mellowtone (from designing the new PCB, to offering input on the layout and graphics).
Pricing and Availability:
Available in two colors--blue wolf (classic) and black wolf.
$135 More information:
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