Design Your Own Guitar Online

New guitar brand, DMG, launches   01-Oct-09

Design Your Own Guitar Online

DMG (DesignMyGuitar) is a new independent guitar brand from Belgian origin. It is unique as it allows the guitar player to design his own guitar online. The guitar differs from other custom built guitar brands because the standard models are very affordable. The website platform,, is online from today, October 1st , 2009.
Here's all the details from DMG...
The process for designing a guitar can be divided in 3 main steps and creates a big funfactor for guitarlovers, even if there is no intention to buy a guitar.
  • Step 1: Choosing the body style: different body styles are available. The type names will be DM-ST (Strat-style), DM-TE (Tele-style) and DM-LP (Les Paul-style).
  • Step 2: Designing the body. Many different pre-defined templates are available to be adapted, personalized or redesigned. People who want to make a completely new design or want to upload their own, can start from scratch. This part of the website is called the "Design Tool".
  • Step 3: Every body style has standard quality hardware. The "Option Tool" allows the user to upgrade pickups, bridges, tuners, ... For example, pickups are available from Fender, EMG & Seymour Duncan.

Screenshot from the Design Tool
The products are standard quality guitars existing of, depending of the model, solid alder body, hard maple or mahogany necks, rosewood fingerboards...
The user can save his personalized guitar, re-edit it or make various designs of it.
Pricing and Availability:
The prices of the guitars will start at € 200. Full-option guitars (including Seymour Duncan pickups, Grover tuners, Bigsby vibrato, ...) will never exceed € 1000. The guitars will be shipped worldwide and will have a delivery time of approximately 14 working days. More information:
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    Sputnik    Said...

    Great site, I think I'll create a Les Paul with our band logo and put EMG's in. Any cool idea...

    02-Oct-09 03:39 AM

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