Wah Pedal For Bass Players

gig-fx launches the SubWah   30-Oct-09

Wah Pedal For Bass Players

gig-fx has announced that the SubWah, a bass version of the popular MegaWah, is now available for sale. They say that the new SubWah captures the signature wide sweep range and funky low end of the Megawah, but has tailored the frequency ranges to bass guitar. The SubWah was developed with cooperation from top professional bass players in Boston, Nashville and LA, including Bootsy Collins. Here's all the details directly from gig-fx...
The all-analog pedal features four settings: a classic wah sound, a very deep bass 'Sub' wah, a funky envelope wah with adjustable trigger sensitivity, and an auto-wah with adjustable rate. Special care was taken to ensure preservation of bass frequencies, including five / six string low B response and at the same time to maximize 'quack' and 'ping'. Many months were spent with professional players perfecting the sweep to optimize the effect and still retain bass response.
The SubWah uses optical switching and is noiselessly by-passed when the pedal is all the way back and switches on noiselessly when the pedal is pressed forward. The SubWah features a user-adjustable off-delay so that the effect turns off exactly when the musician wants it to.
The pedal features the new 'better than true by-pass'TM circuitry proven to be superior to a true by-pass in terms of preserving the instrument's tone and harmonics through instrument cables. gig-fx has published test results on their web site which support that claim.
The SubWah follows the popular Megawah legend, which is currently being used by an impressive list of creative guitarists such as Peter Frampton, Nick McCabe (The Verve), Brett Tuggle (Fleetwood Mac), Robin Finck (NIN), Johnny Hiland and more; bass players have been requesting a bass version.
gig-fx designs and manufactures unique and innovative effect pedals. All gig-fx pedals are housed in road-worthy, lightweight aircraft quality aluminum castings featuring a patented, ergonomic shape. The new generation of gig-fx pedals feature 'better than true by-pass' TM which is achieved by optimizing output impedance to drive instrument cables better and thereby reduce signal losses.
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