7-String Explorer

Gibson launch an Explorer for heavy rockers   09-Nov-09

7-String Explorer

Gibson have launched the 7-String Explorer. Here's what they have to say about it...
Born alongside the Flying V when rock and roll was still a toddler, Gibson's Explorer was the most radical electric guitar ever unleashed upon the unsuspecting music world of 1958. Way ahead of its time, it failed to gain a foothold among the generally conservative players of the day, but became a major rock icon by the late '60s, and has been taken up by countless guitar heroes over the course of the intervening decades.
Flash forward to the 21st century, and the 7-string has become the choice of an increasing number of thrash and nu-metal players, who seek eviscerating tones with the gut-rumbling potential of an added low-B string. Enter Gibson's 7-String Explorer, a natural marriage of rock's most radical shape and the specs demanded by the most adventurous 7-string players on the scene today. This new addition to the line for Gibson's "Rocktober" celebrations combines the proven tonal advantages of mahogany neck and body with the scorching performance of EMG pickups, all the solid playability of Gibson construction and hardware, and a none-more-black gloss Ebony nitrocellulose finish, resulting in an unmatched package for the heavy rocker.
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