WNAMM10: Vox Introduces VR Series Guitar Amplifiers

AC30VR and AC15VR launched with Valve Reactor technology   14-Jan-10

WNAMM10: Vox Introduces VR Series Guitar Amplifiers

Vox has announced the release of its new AC30VR and AC15VR "VR Series" combo amplifiers. Vox tell us that the series features their proven Valve Reactor technology, along with the classic split panel cosmetics of the AC30 and AC15 amplifiers, resulting in a flexible new amp line for today's player. Here's the rest of what they have to say...
The VR Series is designed to provide the nuanced tone of a classic amp while still appealing to the more modern player. Both amplifiers in the series offer two channels: Normal and Overdrive. The Normal channel offers the traditional "chimey" VOX tone. The Overdrive channel features an extra gain knob and a dual-mode Style switch, offering both vintage and cutting-edge flavors. Master Volume and Master Reverb controls are also provided.
The Valve Reactor circuitry uses a 12AX7 vacuum tube in the power stage to shape the sound for an authentic tube tone. The circuit also includes a virtual speaker load, to accurately capture the interaction between the amplifier and speaker.
The AC30VR's Normal channel offers Treble and Bass tone controls; the Overdrive channel features its own Treble and Bass controls and adds a Middle control. The Master section features the VOX Tone Cut control for dampening the high frequencies. Both channels on the AC15VR share the same Treble and Bass tone controls. The optional VFS2 footswitch provides hands-free channel switching and reverb on/off.
Pricing and Availability:
VOX's new AC30VR and AC15VR amplifier models will be available February.
AC30VR: 30 Watts / 2 x 12" VX Celestion speakers $ 800.00 U.S. MSRP
AC15VR: 15 Watts / 1 x 12" VX Celestion speaker $ 500.00 U.S. MSRP
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