WNAMM10: TC Triple Bass Combo range

TC Electronic's ComboClassic and ComboStaccato join the Combo450   16-Jan-10

WNAMM10: TC Triple Bass Combo range

Here's the press release...
TC Electronic's Combo450 might just be the most versatile bass combo on the market. Now it is joined by ComboClassic and ComboStaccato which add classic tones and distinct bass flavors to a range that now has something for everyone... Combo450 is TC Electronic's first bass amp combo, offering the rich tone and versatility of the award-winning RH450 amp matched with TC customized Eminence drivers and tweeter to deliver a clean, punchy and powerful sound. Now TC Electronic has announced two new combos to make up a range that now offers something for bass players everywhere... The brand new ComboClassic delivers pure tone and power by offering players easy access to a wide range of classic tones, all via a versatile vintage tone control section. ComboStaccato is a new combo that uses a custom-tuned amp made to Tower Of Power and bass legend Rocco Prestia's exact specification and ear. It offers a full-bodied tone and its ultra fast precision response enhances the percussive elements of Rocco's playing to perfection.
With ComboClassic and ComboStaccato added to Combo450, bass players now have a range of combos that deliver on all levels, and whichever one they choose they will enjoy some incredible features that will take their sound to a new level. The unique TubeToneâ„¢ control section in each bass head delivers all of the rich characteristics of a full-on tube amp while SpectraCompâ„¢ delivers more bite and punch than any other bass amp compressor by allowing 'per string' compression.
The range has also been designed with maximum flexibility in mind. Each of the three combos allows for the amp head to be removed or swapped with other TC Electronic amp heads in a matter of seconds. This unique modularity system allows maximum freedom of choice in selecting the amp or even using the amp outside of the combo.
All three combos deliver an impressive 450 Watts as well as TC Electronic's Active Power Managementâ„¢ system giving them maximum power impact and resulting in the combo behaving like a tube amp at full blast. Try finding all of these key features in any other combo on the market!
The cabinet configurations for all three combos feature two customized Eminence 10" drivers and a 1" tweeter all housed in a vertical 18mm hard-wearing plywood cabinet with a pull-up handle and wheels for easy transportation.
The combos also have speaker breakout connections to add additional cabinets and, as with any other TC Electronic amp, any combo can drive a combination of any three TC cabinets. Also, as the combos utilize the TC 'stackability' system, they can be expanded in a variety of ways. Add a brand new RS112 or RS212 by vertically stacking the cabinets, or even add an RS212 and RS410 for the ultimate power combo for those larger gigs.
Pricing and Availability:
ComboClassic €1250 List plus tax– available February 2010
ComboStaccato €1595 List plus tax– available February 2010
Combo450 €1395 List plus tax– available now
More information:
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