WNAMM10: New Fender Bass Combos

Rumble Series offers five new models from 15 to 350 watts   17-Jan-10

WNAMM10: New Fender Bass Combos

Fender have introduced five new Rumble bass amps ( Rumble 15, Rumble 30, Rumble 75, Rumble 150, Rumble 350). Here's what they have to say about them...
Fender, the first name in electric bass and the one that started it all, now brings you combo amps that boast the best sound, look, performance, power and value in their class--the new Rumble series. It's your bass sound redefined. Your inspiration redefined.
Beefier cabinets, rugged vinyl covering, heavy-duty nickel corners, painted cassis, and industrial metal grill.
Each model (except Rumble 15) has more output power than original Rumble.
Better Sounding
Years of focus helped us develop improved circuitry and a better voiced pre-amp, borrowing from advancements with our PRO products. Improved cabinet designs handle power better without making noises found on other low priced amps.
Killer Overdrive with Wet/Dry Blend (all models except Rumble 15)
Today's bass player has a real need for a "musical" overdrive. Rumble goes from mild overdrive to full on fuzz. Having overdrive is not enough. Blending the overdrive with the clean signal gives you all the bite of overdrive while allowing the player to maintain a deep bottom end. This is a delicate balance, and Rumble handles it perfectly. Use the overdrive as part of your normal sound (little grit), or set it to extremes and footswitch it as desired (Fender® footswitches sold separately).
Pricing and Availability:
See Fender website for details of individual models. More information:
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