WNAMM10: Ibanez Tube Overdrive

Tube King TK999OD Overdrive stompbox features a 12AX7 tube   18-Jan-10

WNAMM10: Ibanez Tube Overdrive

Here's what Ibanez have to say...
Tube King is the regal name in distortion pedals. Both the TK999HT Distortion and the TK999OD Overdrive pedals feature internal high voltage DC power – the best for making any solid-state amp sound just like a tube amp. TK999HT's distortion is massive yet tight. The TK999OD Overdrive will give you anything from light break-up to super smooth hi-gain saturation. Both pedals are very versatile, with 3 Band EQs that allow you plenty of play in shaping the tone you're looking for. Both also include a 12AX7 tube for true tube distortion.
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