WNAMM10: Heritage Guitars Are Beautiful

The boys from Gibson carry on   29-Jan-10

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7:35 mins

Rob was extremely chuffed to discover this company, amazingly they seem to have quite a low profile. When the Gibson custom shop in Kalamazoo was closed in 1985, the craftsmen took it over and formed Heritage  - remember, these are the guys who made the really good stuff - with years of expertise making some of the most classic guitars in the history of guitars ( I dont think I'm over-egging this).


Heritage continue to keep the spirit of Gibson models alive with their range of beautifully crafted guitars.

Rob was given a look and a play by possibly the coolest dude of the show - thanks Greg.




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Blue Monster 65    Said...

These guys really are great - I've driven by the old Gibson plant for years, and one day decided I should just stop in. I did and was given a complete tour of the facility in K-zoo one time, along with a close look at some of the "antique" machinery that's left there. Very cool, very friendly, very talented. If you get to Kalamazoo, look 'em up!

29-Jan-10 11:56 AM

worldblee    Said...

Heritage guitars are wonderful--I have four of 'em. The quality of the wood is great and each guitar I have has a unique tone. I was just playing my H-535 last night and it nails a classic ES-335 tone. Heritage service can be dodgy (sent in an H-140 with a twisted neck and got it back with a new, warped neck) but the quality of the guitars is really, really good.

15-Jan-11 12:18 PM

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