WNAMM10: T-Rex Introduce The Tonebug Distortion

A new addition to their more affordable Tonebug range   11-Feb-10

WNAMM10: T-Rex Introduce The Tonebug Distortion

Here's what T-Rex have to say...
Let There Be Distortion...
Expanding on the Tonebug range introduced last year with the Tonebug Reverb and Overdrive, the new Tonebug Distortion features all the tonal power and built quality you would expect from T-Rex in a compact, retro styled effects pedal.
Simply Classic
Tonebug Distortion is a phenomenal-sounding pedal that delivers gobs of rich, tubey-sounding distortion instantly recognizable as a fundamental ingredient of classic guitar rock. It couldn't be easier to use. A simple Gain knob lets you choose how dirty you want to get, while a Tone knob lets you tune the timbre of your distortion – from a muted bluesy crunch to a searing wail that'll slice through anything in its way.
T-Rex Tone
Like the Tonebug Reverb and Overdrive pedals, Tonebug Distortion delivers the same legendary T-Rex tone that has made these products a fixture of the pedal boards of guitar greats around the world (see the website for recent T-Rex sightings). That, and the affordable pricing of the Tonebug range makes this an effect players will not want to be without.
Pricing and Availability:
UK price: £105 More information:
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