More On the Moog Guitar With MIDI

From The 2010 NAMM Show   06-Mar-10

This official Moog Music demo video captures Saul Zonana going through the features of The Moog Guitar. Included is a look at the features of the Model E1-M, The Moog Guitar with MIDI.

Zonana demonstrates the unique characteristics of the Moog Guitar and highlights how they can be used musically.

If you're interested in the Moog Guitar, don't miss Fareed Haque's demo (link below), which features longer musical examples.


James Lewin
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Peter Kadar    Said...

Holy sh!t that's cool. I didn't know they had a Moog filter under each string... that's like $1800 worth of moogerfooger pedals built right in. No wonder the guitar isn't cheap, but it looks like you get a lot for the money.

Thank god I'm not a guitar player, cause I'd be a poor sonofabitch trying to get one of these...

21-Mar-10 03:35 PM

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