Flying V For Shredders

Epiphone announce the Jeff Waters Annihilation-V   16-Apr-10

Flying V For Shredders

Epiphone have launched the Jeff Waters Annihilation-V. Here's what they have to say about it...
As one of the heaviest metal men ever to burst out of Canada and North America, and a major force in Europe and Asia for many years, Jeff Waters is not only the hot guitarist at the center of the band Annihilator, he virtually is Annihilator. Ranked an impressive #3 in Joel McCiver's 2009 book The 100 Greatest Metal Guitarists, Waters also lays down the band's bass parts (hiring pros to cover touring duties), is the band's chief producer, and covered lead vocal duties between 1994-97. In short, Waters, lives, breathes and eats metal--and when he really wants to rock, he straps on an Epiphone, namely the new Jeff Waters "Annihilation-V" signature model, a guitar primed for total destruction.
It all starts with the wood, and the Jeff Waters "Annihilation-V" is born out of select mahogany, long tonewood of choice of countless metal players. Its body is made from solid mahogany in the radical Flying V shape that Jeff prefers, while its neck is carved from another piece of solid mahogany and glued in with a deep-set Flying V neck joint for unparalleled upper fret access. A "D" profiled SlimTaperâ„¢ neck combines comfort with the lightning fast speed, while a 24-fret phenolic fingerboard offers an ultra smooth, resonant and durable surface for all your shredding action.
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