Budda Amps Hit Europe

Peavey Electronics ships Budda Amplification to Europe   07-May-10

Budda Amps Hit Europe

The Budda Amplification Series is hitting European shores imminently, following the announcement at Musikmesse 2009 that Peavey had formed a strategic alliance with Budda. Here's the press release that Peavey have sent us...
Founded in 1995, Budda Amplification products are revered by guitar-tone purists who rely on the power of Budda's Dual-class Hot-Bias circuit to define their signature sound. Budda is widely credited with leading the "high-gain, low-wattage" revolution in guitar amplification with models such as the legendary Twinmaster Ten, and has since expanded its line into the award-winning Super Drive Series amplifiers and boutique effects pedals. Commented Hartley Peavey, President and CEO of Peavey Electronics, "As a 'tinkerer' myself, I know that the future of the Budda brand lies in the engineering of new products and the continual refinement of the guitar player's experience. I respect what the Budda guys have done to create a tonally unique product, and we at Peavey are committed to maintaining that legacy through our vast manufacturing and distribution resources."
The Budda logo is a symbol of guitar amplification at its finest, thanks to the ongoing development of high performance innovations to guitar amplification. Budda is a symbol of technical excellence and with dedication to quality and customer satisfaction it's reputation is unparalleled.
The Superdrive Series II amplifiers are available as a head, 1 x 12, and 2 x 12 combo. Four different power configurations are on offer, each with it's own distinct sound designed around the award winning dual class hot biased power circuit.
A dual mode amplifier delivers each note with clarity and brutal punch. We coax maximum output from each power tube which are chosen for their excellent quality, lifespan, reliability and smouldering high gain note definition. The Superdrive preamp consists of three 12xa7 preamp tubes that are fine tuned for maximum speed of pick attack. To handle the crushing power of the Superdrive amps, cabinets are loaded with a proprietary design Phat 12 speaker that delivers superior headroom, thick distortion and subsonic low end.
This high performance two-channel amp offers a wide array of features designed for the modern rock player. The rhythm channel is high fidelity at its best and the overdrive channel offers high definition gain that slices through a bands mix. For sonic colouration, the Superdrive is the choice amp for effects devices. Our dual class circuit is the state of the art electronics that brings a guitar, effects and playing style into focus for the ultimate tube amplifier experience.
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