Harmonic Mesmerizer

Catalinbread introduce the Pareidolia based on the Vibrato from a 1961 Fender Twin   17-Jun-10

Harmonic Mesmerizer

Catalinbread have introduced the Pareidolia Harmonic Mesmerizer. They say it isn't quite a vibe, it isn't quite a phasor, it isn't quite a tremolo, it isn't quite a filter - though it is exactly all of these things. The Vibrato from a 1961 Fender Twin amp was used as the starting point and Catalinbread added a lot more range of speeds and much much more depth. Here's what they have to say...
The controls are simple, but powerful. The Depth control is able to go from just a slight shimmer in your sound to undulating ocean waves. The Rate ranges from molasses slow phase sweeps to lush tremolo and skittery chops. The Volume, obviously, controls the loudness and was designed to pull double duty as a fantastic boost when the Depth is off.
Like most other Catalinbread pedals, the Pareidolia was designed for both 9v and 18v operation, the latter giving a more pronounced up-front sound to the effect. We worked very hard tuning this pedal, and the result is a complex modulation that is quite literally a mesmerizing effect, where you stop thinking and just start playing. It frees your mind to be creative. It is hypnotic, yet unlike classic modulation effects the Pareidolia doesn't pwn your sound, allowing your playing to shine through. And unlike other modulation pedals it is less picky in its placement with other pedals. Whether the Pareidolia is placed pre-dirt, post-dirt, or sandwiched between, this pedal still sounds great.
We're convinced that once you turn on the Harmonic Mesmerizer, you'll have a tough time turning it off.
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