Eastwood Launch Doral Electric Jazz Guitar

New archtop based on the L5 features humbucker and single coil sounds   21-Jul-10

Eastwood Launch Doral Electric Jazz Guitar

Eastwood Guitars has started shipping the new Doral electric jazz guitar, which takes over top position at the high-end of the Eastwood product line. Here's what they have to say about it...
The Eastwood Doral is a full size archtop guitar, featuring a laminated spruce top with curly maple sides and back as well as a three piece rock maple neck. Where the Doral separates itself from other archtops is the versatility of the coil tapped humbucking pickups that afford you the opportunity to switch between vintage voiced humbuckers and P90 voiced singled coil pickups. Joey Leone, Doral design team leader said, "As a professional player I've always dreamed of having two L5's, the mid sixties humbucking model Wes Montgomery played, and the 50's era L5 CES Scotty Moore played with Elvis. This guitar delivers both sounds."
Another feature of the Doral is the longer scale length (25.5"), this feature affords the player the option to use lighter gauge strings and still get some nice string tension. "I have noticed that over the past 20 years jazz guitar players have moved away from the heavier strings in favor of lighter strings. This also deals with the issue of hand and finger fatigue, as well as the long term degeneration of the joints of the player's hands" said Leone.
One other feature of the Eastwood Doral electric jazz guitar is the pickup spacing, the neck pickup is spaced slightly away from the neck an idea that was used on several Gibson one pickup models in the 50's and 60's, and on the sleeper of a guitar, the Ibanez Joe Pass Model from the 70's. This gives the front pickup a bit more of a low mid voicing, a real plus on a spruce topped guitar which can be a bit muddy and have trouble cutting through a larger ensemble. The Doral replicates the natural acoustic sound of the guitar more accurately. The bridge pickup is moved slightly away from the bridge as well, this gives you a more useable sound as opposed to the "treble pickup" with no treble sound found on L5's. Lastly, this gives you a slightly different sound when both pickups are employed, very similar to the sound many players love on the short scale Byrdland.
"Since the overwhelming success of the Joey Leone Signature models last year, we have been looking for other ways to introduce high-end models at mid-range prices," said Mike Robinson, President and founder of Eastwood Guitars, "Many guitarists are accustomed to paying $3,000+ for a "quality" high-end guitar. We've found a way to deliver that guitar, at half the price and twice the features."
Here is the new Doral with Wendell Ferguson at the helm.

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