Classic Valve Engineering Versus Software Modelling

This Youtube user puts them side-by-side   04-Aug-10

Ever wanted to compare the real difference between a recorded classic valve amp with good microphone placement, and the Amplitube equivalent?

This Youtube user puts his 1989 JCM800 2204 through an Orange 4x12 cab, and then puts it side by side with Amplitube's very own version of Marshall's classic amp sound.

The difference is clear, but which do you prefer?

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Blue Monster 65    Said...

I guess I'd like to hear the modeled version through the same cabinet - NOT through the computer speakers.

Mind you, I don't use modeling software, but it would be really interesting to hear both "amps" through the same cabinet.

05-Aug-10 10:27 AM

Flash    Said...

Yeah that'd be interesting! The modelled amp is supposed to sound like an amp in a room though, so through a cab it might sound like an amp in a room in another room.

05-Aug-10 11:49 AM

Blue Monster 65    Said...

Ha! Good one.

06-Aug-10 07:37 AM

M    Said...

I think by now we all know the sound and most importantly the FEEL difference between real and modeling amps. Real amps dont produce that airy woof when hit you notes, making it kind of undefined and flubby. But in the mix of a song..the differences are hardly significant at all unless you're using the older POD models, whose generic modeling tone can be spotted a mile away.

17-Jan-11 10:52 PM

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