Stompbox For That Ronnie Wood Sound

BSM announce the RW-F Treble Booster   23-Aug-10

Stompbox For That Ronnie Wood Sound

Here's what BSM have to say about their new RW-F Treble Booster:
Many guitarists of the late 60s and early 70s knew how to get a rough earthy and unmistakable sound out of their humbucking pickups and tube amplifiers, which in retrospect has not been possible to recreate so far. Representative guitarists' names are Luther Grosvenor, Henry McCullough, Steve Marriot or the incomparable Ron Wood.
Now BSM has dedicated a special Booster to this sound, so as to receive this historical sound with every tube amp, that offers a powerful clean or crunch character. The RW-F has been specially designed for classical medium power pickups like the PAF or P90, also the Mini Humbucker or fat overwound single coils. Especially the neck Humbucker, which often tends to sound muddy with inappropriate amp control settings, stays clear now with an unheard warm balance between bass and treble, when using the RW-F. The bridge Humbucker becomes tight and definite with great punch. The booster is true bypass and can be powered only by battery.
Pricing and Availability:
MSRP will be 215 €uros More information:
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