Amped Review: Jet City 2112RC Combo

Soldano Designed all valve old-school   11-Oct-10

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The Jet City all valve 2112RC combo is designed by Michael Soldano for Jet City - the Soldano moniker is renowned for  high-gain, boutique amps with a hefty price tag to match. This one however is more of an affordable package, while still retaining the Soldano pedigree.
What It Is
Its a 20 Watt all-valve, single channel combo with reverb. The speaker is an Eminent Custom 12”, the valves are  3x 12AX7 on the preamp, 2 for the reverb and 2 x EL84 for the power amp.
First thing we need to get straight is that this is a basic amp, it has one channel, with gain, 3-band EQ, reverb level, master volume and finally presence.
There is no clean/drive channel switching, no effects loop, nothing fancy, just pure valve amp sound.
How It Is 
Well for starters, its LOUD, plenty loud for small gig and rehearsal situations. Though one thing that needs to be mentioned is that its not particularly clean - we struggled to get a really clean sound from it. Seemingly this amp is best suited to creamy, bluesy, classic tones - which it does very nicely.
Bottom line, if you are after a versatile jack of all trades sort of amp, then this probably isn’t going to be what you are looking for, but for warm saturated blues and rock tones, then its built for that, as long as  you aren’t expecting full-on metal.
Something for the purist rather than the beginner.

Available now at £399, $499 full retail price - shop around you’ll get it for less.


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AndyB    Said...

Murph is doing a good job with these amped reviews. Nice review.

11-Oct-10 02:00 PM

asiohead    Said...

Great review. I didn't know this brand/amp yet. And I expected a steeper price, but this is amazing. I really like the sound ! Of course these guitars aren't bad sounding ;) to begin with, but anyway, next time I'm in a shop I'm gonna look out for this one.

18-Oct-10 10:58 AM

Drake Remore    Said...

I own it. I love it. Can't get enough of it.

09-Dec-10 08:52 PM

Billy    Said...

Sad to say, but these amps are noisy.Hence the low price. Past high noon tons of noise. Probably a design flaw or also the lack of dc power. Shame really.

31-Dec-10 01:32 PM

ken    Said...

Not noisy at all, check your tubes or cables!

22-Sep-12 10:38 AM

ken    Said...

Not noisy at all for me, check your cables and tubes

22-Sep-12 10:39 AM

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