Interview With Paul Reed Smith

Smith talks PRS in 2011   02-Nov-10

Joe Coffey of 'Premier Guitar' talks to Paul Reed Smith about PRS's plans for 2011. This includes news on the V12 finish, DC3, NF3, and JA-15 guitars, plus an all new Recording Amp.

Smith also talks about 'Quest For Tone', a project where the guitar innovator compares tones of PRS guitars that are just a few days old, with those of the vintage guitars of his youth.

Rich Beech



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funkdefino    Said...

WOW! I usually stay away from PRS when I go to the music store. The price is out of my reach...

But after hearing this guy speak and experiencing his enthusiasm for what he does? Makes me want to save my money to buy one.

Great combination of humble and confident at the same time!

02-Nov-10 12:11 PM

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