New Software For Live Performance And Sound Design

Abeem Live Technologies announces Rack Performer public alpha testing phase   04-Nov-10

New Software For Live Performance And Sound Design

Abeem Live Technologies, a young french company, has released Rack Performer version 0.95-alpha2 for Windows. Rack Performer is a new modular host and environment dedicated to stage performance and real-time sound generation and processing, with a special emphasis on interface ergonomy and user interaction. Here's all the details from the press release...
About Rack Performer
Rack Performer is a pro-audio software for live performance, sound design and real-time audio processing. Rack Performer is a modular environment hosting VST plug-ins and internal modules (effects and instruments), with MIDI support, multi-channel audio I/O and internal processing, sample accurate sequencing and low latency.
Selected features
  • Modular host – High-level modular environment supporting VST/VSTi plug-ins, internal modules, multichannel audio and MIDI.
  • Scene Snapshots – Original way to save and recall any instant of the performance in a flash.
  • Multi-chan audio processing – Most modules support multi-channel I/O (ex: 7:1)
  • Dedicated audio monitoring – Allocate audio output channels for monitoring and pre-listening.
  • Virtual Screens – Full-screen interface without scrolling or overlapping windows.
  • Multiple monitors support - Up to four monitors can be used at the same time.
  • GUI wrappers – Large number of GUI wrappers to build an optimal control surface.
About Abeem Live Technologies
Abeem Live Technologies is dedicated to real-time audio solutions for live stage performance. Our products clearly reflect this orientation by offering innovative ways to play and interpret music with a computer on stage or any live environment, with a focus on user interaction and enhanced creativity.
Pricing and Availability:
The test version has no limitation except disabled HD recording, and is available as a free download. More information:
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