Rivera Compare Fifteen Top Speakers

Handy speaker shoot-out   25-Nov-10

In this video, Rivera use the same amp settings and microphone placements, then cut together audio of fifteen different speaker models from: Celestion, Jensen, Tone Tubby, and Eminence.

Rich Beech



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Andy    Said...

Wow - that's a really interesting comparison! I had no idea there was quite so much variation in speaker models. I tended to think of all the other variables being more important to overall tone, but that's made me rethink. Useful.

26-Nov-10 06:41 AM

Brian from USA    Said...

Speakers and pickups/mikes convert energy between electrical and acoustic domains...as a result they are the least linear, the most inefficient and add the most coloration of anything else in the chain. You can think of a speaker as an EQ combined with a compressor.

06-Dec-10 12:35 PM

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