Revolutionary Gibson Guitar Delayed

Gibson Firebird X release date is held back while improvements are made   06-Dec-10

Revolutionary Gibson Guitar Delayed

Gibson had a live countdown to the projected December 11th release of the Firebird X running on their website but that has now been put on hold. Here's what Gibson has to say...
The revolution will have to wait just a bit longer, friends. The shipping of Firebird X has been delayed -- for a very good reason. Once our R&D team truly delved into the seven microprocessors and three operating systems onboard this monster, they just couldn't help themselves. Over the past few months, they've found even more ways to improve the guitar, with more features than we ever expected. And that got our Nashville division folks thinking about things like new finishing processes to give the guitar a radical new look to match the insane things going on inside this beast. The result is an even more innovative Firebird X than we presented to the press and fans just a few weeks ago.
So, Firebird X will hit stores just a little late -- and we apologize for the inconvenience. But the end result will be an even better guitar than we had planned or dreamed.
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