Fuchs For Bassists

Fuchs Audio Technology announces the Bruiser line of bass amplifiers   07-Dec-10

Fuchs For Bassists

Fuchs Audio Technology has introduced the flagship of a new bass amplifier line. Here's what they have to say about it...
The Bruiser features a 6-stage 3-tube preamp with bright, ultra-low, hi and low gain switches, high, parametric midrange, and bass controls. The amp features a separate stage and XLR-DI send volume controls making it excellent for both the studio, and for the touring professional. The Bruiser features a 600-W Class-D switching power amp stable down to 2-ohms, which employs automatic fan control in direct response to the amplifier's actual needs. The tube stages feature regulated high voltage plate supplies, DC regulate filament supplies, and a custom designed phase correct 36 db per octave 20-HZ sub-sonic filter.
Like all Fuchs products, the Bruiser comes with a 5-year warranty, and is built on an aircraft grade aluminum chassis using the finest boutique audiophile grade components selected for tone and reliability. Lower powered and preamp only versions are expected later in 2010.
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