WNAMM11: Epiphone Zakk Wylde Guitars Get EMGs

EMG-81/85 active humbucking pickups added to Camo and Bullseye Les Paul Customs   19-Jan-11

WNAMM11: Epiphone Zakk Wylde Guitars Get EMGs

Here's what Epiphone has to say...
All NEW for 2011! Epiphone's Zakk Wylde "Camo" and "Bullseye" Les Paul Customs have been the choice of shredders for years. And now, Epiphone and Zakk step it up a notch with the addition of active Zakk Wylde EMG-81/85 active humbucking pickups. Powered by a 9-volt battery, these active pickups set the standard for high-output, hard rock/metal tone. But that's not all. Another upgrade on the Bullseye includes a premium Ebony fingerboard. Ultra-hard and ultra-smooth, you'll feel the hear the difference. So plug one in and crank it up!
Same Great Features and Look! Zakk's Les Paul Customs take the classic Les Paul design and add his signature "twist". It starts with a solid, unchambered Mahogany body with a carved top. Preferred by Zakk for it's added "bite," the neck is made of Hard Maple (as opposed to the more traditional Mahogany neck). This neck has an ultra-smooth and fast satin natural finish that allows Zakk (and you!) to move up and down the neck effortlessly. Of course, the neck is glued into the body using TiteBond with a traditional mortise and tenon neck joint for rock solid feel, sustain and tone.
Loaded with premium add-ons! Other premium features include Epiphone's LockTone(tm) tune-o-matic/stopbar combination for increased sustain and easy string changes, 16:1 ratio Grover(tm) machine heads, a 7-layer bound body, a 5-layer bound headstock and a comfortable single-layer bound fingerboard. Not to mention, gold hardware and Zakk's signature graphics!
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