Wilshire Gets Wiggle Stick

Epiphone introduces the 1966 Worn Wilshire Tremotone limited edition   25-Jan-11

Wilshire Gets Wiggle Stick

Here's what Epiphone has to say in their own words...
Hip players who are habitually into something "a little different" have always turned to Epiphone, whose many great models of the '60s offered unique twists on classic Gibson designs and tones. The Wilshire has long been a favorite in this camp, providing vintage-SG-styled tones with an individual look and playing style. As such, Epiphone's recent reissue of the Wilshire has been enormously popular, bringing this beloved but hard-to-find instrument back into the hands of adoring players.
Now Epiphone brings a versatile new feature to the board with the Limited Edition 1966 Worn Wilshire Tremotone, which is equipped with Epiphone's great, but extremely rare, Tremotone™ vibrato tailpiece. For over a decade after Gibson's acquisition of the New York-based Epiphone company in 1957, Epiphone electric guitars and basses were produced right alongside Gibson's classic models in the company's original Kalamazoo factory. These Epiphone guitars represented some of the highest quality and best sounding instruments of their generation, and were played by Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Winter, Paul Gilbert, Steve Marriot, and all three guitar-playing Beatles. With that pedigree behind it, the Limited Edition 1966 Worn Wilshire Tremotone delivers its unique tonal mojo and stylish vibe in spades, in a look, feel and sound that are all somehow instantly familiar, yet entirely original. Hand-stained and sprayed in a thin yet durable "worn" urethane finish in Worn Cherry, Worn Black, or Aged Cherry, the 1966 Worn Wilshire Tremotone also looks and feels like an old and well-played friend the first time you take it out and strap it on.
  • Lightweight mahogany body with thin satin finish
  • Historically accurate SlimTaper™ neck profile
  • Equipped with a pair of Epiphone's legendary mini-humbucking pickups
  • Tune-o-matic bridge with roller saddles
  • Tremotone™ vibrato tailpiece
Pricing and Availability:
$748 msrp
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