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Licklibrary introduces Guitar Interactive magazine   10-Feb-11

Free Online Guitar Tuition

Licklibrary has announced the launch of Guitar Interactive which they describe as the world's first truly interactive magazine for guitarists worldwide. Here's their press release with the details...
This new digital magazine is free of charge and takes guitar magazine publishing to a new level with the use of video content provided by the world's premier on-line guitar tuition providers, Licklibrary.
There's no substitute for having someone demonstrate a product or guitar lick. No matter how well written an article is, the saying 'a picture is worth a thousand words' holds true and with the use of video footage we could add 'and a moving picture is worth ten thousand'!
The magazine is edited by the highly respected, award winning and experienced music industry journalist Gary Cooper. Issue one features an extensive overview of one of the world's most popular guitarists - Pink Floyd's David Gilmour by Jamie Humphries, as well as an in-depth look at Keith Richards, a history of the Fender Telecaster and an extensive gear review section. The features are brought to life with the use of Lick Library's professional guitar tuition footage using top teachers.
Issue one has over 120 pages and features almost five hours of free video content, which includes an in-depth interview with Guthrie Govan and fourteen guitar lessons bringing the magazine to life in a truly interactive way. These include learning Prog Rock licks, playing in the style of Dave Gilmour and a range of guitar techniques to help improve your playing. The gear reviews will enable readers to see and get a real sense of the products being discussed with a video demonstration showing the range of options and possibilities on how to use them!
Unlike paper magazines the new digital magazine offers you the opportunity to immediately investigate further technical specs, see alternative views of the products, check advertiser's websites, email pages to friends or share content via social network sites. The interactive possibilities are endless and will provide a totally new experience for readers wanting to find out more about guitars and guitarists.
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