New Vox Tube-Driven Modeling Floor Unit Ships

ToneLab EX is in stores now   29-Mar-11

New Vox Tube-Driven Modeling Floor Unit Ships

Vox Amplification is now shipping the ToneLab EX, the latest addition to its ToneLab line of Valvetronix modeling pedals. Here's what Vox has to say about it...
Offering more presets and more effects than previous models, ToneLab EX also introduces a number of new features designed to satisfy the needs of the live performer.
There are 200 ready-to-play programs instantly available in the ToneLab EX (100 user programmable; 100 preset). Fifty of the presets are "Song Presets" – each one created to capture the signature guitar tone of a well-known song, for instant playability.
Like all Valvetronix Series models, the ToneLab EX relies on a real 12AX7 vacuum tube (valve) to accurately capture the tone quality of a tube-driven amplifier, a feature not found in other modeling units. In addition to 33 expertly-voiced amp models, the ToneLab EX also provides accurate simulations of 11 speaker cabinets. The cabinet and amp models can be mixed and matched to suit the user's preference.
A total of 45 effects are provided:
  • 11 Distortions
  • 15 classic stomp boxes effects
  • 11 Modulation types
  • 4 Delay types including Tap Tempo
  • 3 Reverb types and Noise reduction
New to the ToneLab EX are the 11 distortions, which can be used in place of amp modeling to drive the front of a user's amplifier. Up to nine effects can be used at once (when including Noise Reduction and Expression Pedal). An easy-to-read chromatic tuner is also built-in, offering both normal and strobe modes for easy viewing during performance. Another performance feature of the ToneLab EX is the "Stomp-Box" mode, where the individual effects can be turned on and off using the footswitch controls, just as on a custom pedalboard.
The multi-function output provides the best response in almost any amplification situation. Set to the Amp Mode, the output offers three settings, to suit some of the most popular amplifier types. Set to the Line Mode, a three-band Total Equalizer allows the tone to be matched to any venue or sound system. The Line In is available for jamming along to CDs, MP3s, etc.
A personal monitoring system allows for backstage tweaking, editing and rehearsing – as well as programming – without the need for any additional amps or equipment. For private use, a headphone jack is also provided.
Finally, a USB port is provided, allowing a convenient single cable audio connection to a computer's digital recording software.
Pricing and Availability:
VOX Tonelab EX is now available with a U.S. MSRP of $500.00 More information:
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