Latest News On Gibson's Revolutionary Guitar

Gibson announce Firebird X launch date of May 1st and put more details online   01-Apr-11

Latest News On Gibson's Revolutionary Guitar

Gibson have now announced the release date of the new Firebird X as May 1st. They have also revealed more information about it, including a detailed list of '20 revolutionary features'.
  • Very light, ultra comfortable and fast playing physical guitar
  • A turbo-charged Pure-Analog™ Digital Signal Processing (DSP) engine with Goldtone FX™
  • Controlled by intuitive new guitar controls and wireless pedal controllers
  • A full package of Guitar Rig 4 and Gibson Ableton 8 Live software
  • Applications environment and store for 3rd party developers
Pricing and Availability:
$5,570 More information:
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linkwray22    Said...

May I please have some of what Gibson is smoking?

04-Apr-11 10:09 AM

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