MESSE11: The New Showstopper From ZVex

Realtime lo-fi, compression, and chorus sounds   07-Apr-11

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It's only really when you visit their booth at Messe or NAMM that you realise just how hot ZVex are when it comes to making unique pedals. The range of products is amazing, and this year they're adding a new pedal to the range, some of the technology from their lo-fi looping pedal has now been used in a realtime lo-fi effect, which also allows you to use compression and chorus effects.

Most importantly it sounds great so check out the video to see what all the fuss is about.

Rich Beech



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sonicase    Said...

hmm i wonder if he's even using the isd chip from the lofi looper or is it something else maybe compression with the lofi's vibrato

10-Apr-11 03:12 AM

Rich B    Said...

They were pretty keen not to tell me much about the innards of the pedal unfortunately, but I think you're along the right lines.

11-Apr-11 05:11 AM

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