Discover Your Ultimate Guitar Sound

Hal Leonard releases Tone Manual - the definitive guide to electric guitar tone   14-Apr-11

Discover Your Ultimate Guitar Sound

Hal Leonard Books has published the Tone Manual by guitar author Dave Hunter, who takes on arguably the most discussed topic of gear-obsessed guitarists: tone. Here's all the details from Hal Leonard Books
In the Tone Manual, Hunter breaks down the individual components of the electric guitar rig - guitar, amplifier, speakers, cabinets, effects and peripherals - and examines how each piece of equipment contributes to superior or inferior sound. He offers tips on improving and making the most of the gear you've already got – all with reference to interviews with name artists and manufacturers.
In addition, the Tone Manual discusses the evolution of the guitarist's concept of "good tone". It provides an extensive guide to recorded examples of playing generally considered "tonally superior," citing examples from the early days of electric jazz, blues, country, and rock and roll; from the classic rock, blues rock, and heavy rock heyday of the late 1960s and early '70s; and from myriad contemporary artists.
Throughout the Tone Manual, a series of more than 30 "Tone Tips" will offer quick, digestible, practical info bites to help readers improve their sound and better understand their equipment. The Tone Manual also includes helpful diagrams and a cover-mounted CD.
About the Author:
Dave Hunter is a musician, writer, and editor. He has contributed to numerous publications and TV and radio documentaries, and is a leading reviewer of guitar amplification. His bestselling books include the Interactive Fender Bible, Guitar Rigs, Start Guitars, The Guitar Amp Handbook, Guitar Effects, The Guitar Pickup Handbook, Play Acoustic, and the Totally Interactive Guitar Bible. Dave records and gigs with The Molenes. He lives in Portsmouth, N.H.
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