Budda Twinmaster Returns

18-Watt guitar amplifier from 1995 is re-issued   10-May-11

Budda Twinmaster Returns

Budda Amplification has announced the return of the Budda Twinmaster, which they describe as the legendary amplifier that sparked the low-wattage revolution in guitar amplification. The hand-wired Budda Twinmaster is a reissue of the amplifier that debuted in 1995. Here's what Budda has to say about it...
The Budda Twinmaster is a dynamic boutique amplifier with a straightforward feature set in an 18-watt combo format. Completely hand-wired in the U.S.A. with high-grade audio components, the Twinmaster features a hybrid layout that combines a turret-board hand-wired 12AX7 preamp and a point-to-point hand-wired EL84 power amp with a 5U4 rectifier.
The Twinmaster has a simple, plug & play feature set, with a single Volume control, highly responsive Treble and Bass controls, and two separate inputs--Normal and Hi Gain--that feed separate tube stages for a multitude of gain characteristics. The Normal input offers a lively palette of sweet, smooth tone that cleans up well, while the Hi Gain input delivers a surprising amount of gain and overdrive that can be dialed back by trimming down the guitar's volume control.
Amenities like a Slave Output and Effects Loop add modern convenience to the Twinmaster's classic vibe. The Slave Output is connected in parallel to the speakers and sends a padded, non-powered signal that can be used as a direct output for live or studio recording. A separate, powered Speaker Output can be connected to a specially tuned Budda extension cabinet, or another loudspeaker enclosure with the proper impedance rating.
The Twinmaster chassis is loaded into a solid, finger-jointed pine enclosure, equipped with a single 12" Budda Phat™ loudspeaker, and finished with a striking black Budda covering, matching metal corner caps and classic white piping.
Features & Specifications
  • Completely hand wired in the U.S.A.
  • Point-to-point power section
  • Turret board preamp section
  • Two high-grade EL84 power tubes
  • Two high-grade 12AX7 preamp tubes
  • 5U4 rectifier tube
  • Class AB power section
  • Cascading preamp design
  • Custom-wound transformer
  • Normal and Hi Gain inputs
  • Treble, Bass and Volume controls
  • Effects loop
  • Slave output
  • Custom-designed Budda Phat 12" loudspeaker
  • Finger-jointed solid pine cabinet
  • External speaker jack with impedance switch
  • Heavy duty speaker cable
  • Made in the U.S.A.
About Budda® Amplification
Budda® Amplification specializes in hand-wired amplifiers and cabinets that balance warm tube gain stages with defined, responsive attack. Budda sparked the low-wattage revolution in guitar amps more than a decade ago with the hand-wired Budda Twinmaster™, and the innovation continues today with the Superdrive™ II Series. The proprietary Budda Dual Class Hot Bias Circuit combines the best characteristics of class A and class AB to produce lively tones defined by massive dynamics and complex overtones in second and third harmonics, with plenty of separation to let your guitar sing.
Pricing and Availability:
U.S. MSRP $2499.99 More information:
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