Brand New Whammy

DigiTech unveils Whammy DT with Drop Tuning and True Bypass   19-May-11

Brand New Whammy

DigiTech and UK/ROI distributor Sound Technology Ltd have unveiled a new addition to the DigiTech Whammy Family – the Whammy DT. Here's what they have to say about it...
We've taken the premier pitch shifting effects pedal and added drop tuning and true bypass to bring you the ultimate Whammy pedal, the Whammy DT. With the Whammy DT, you can modify your tuning without having to change guitars or pause awkwardly to make adjustments for the next song. Key changes are at the tips of your toes and take just moments, which is crucial when the audience is feeling your vibe.
Pitch shifting effects really help your guitar performance stand out and the Whammy pedal has been the core pitch shifting effect for famous artists for over 20 years. Now with the Whammy DT you can add full drop and raised tuning in addition to classic Whammy shifting to your effects arsenal.
Step down or step up 7 half steps or an entire octave: The Whammy DT gives you the latest pitch shifting technology to retune your guitar without ever touching the tuning pegs. Step up or down in 7 half steps, or an entire octave with just one setting
Whammy effects capabilities: With all the new tuning capabilities, you still have your true pitch shifting effects to sweeten up all moments of your gig. With over 20 years of leading the market in pitch shifting, Whammy effects give you the comfort of knowing the pedal you are using is a proven winner.
Momentary footswitch for "hammer-on" and "pull-off" effects: You can instantly create hammer-on and pull-off effects during your performance with the momentary footswitch. Hold it on for quick chord shifts or note changes during your solo or a gritty bridge.
Key Features
  • True Polyphonic Pitch Shifting and Whammy effects in a single pedal
  • Drop or Raised tuning by 7 half steps or an entire octave
  • Classic Whammy voicings
  • Momentary footswitch for Hammer-on and Pull-off effects
  • True Bypass
  • FS3X footswitch* input for hands-free selection of Whammy and Drop Tune settings (* FS3x optional)
  • Classic style rugged metal Whammy chassis
  • Durable, road worthy metal footswitches
  • MIDI Input
  • 1/4" Guitar Input
  • 1/4" Output
  • 9V DC Power Adapter included
Pricing and Availability:
The Whammy DT will ship in the UK in June 2011 priced at £329 SRP inc VAT. More information:
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The new whammy sounds amazing. I love the feature that allows you to change octaves with a quick switch of a button. It keeps the flow of you music going. Love That!!

19-May-11 12:47 PM

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