Roland Bee Baa Fuzz Revisited

Black Cat Pedals introduce the Black Cat Bee Buzz   24-May-11

Roland Bee Baa Fuzz Revisited

Black Cat Pedals has introduced the Black Cat Bee Buzz stompbox. Here's what they have to say about it...
When we introduced the Black Cat Custom Bee Buzz last fall, we had no idea it would become so immediately popular. The Bee Buzz was an instant hit, and sold out without ever being officially announced. So we decided to make the Bee Buzz a permanent part of our regular Black Cat line!
We opted to keep the expensive upscale features of the original Custom Bee Buzz (such as the paint and hardware), and then we took it a step further - the Black Cat Bee Buzz is now available in FIVE spectacular translucent colors over a brushed aluminum enclosure: Coppertone, Limonade, Candy Blue, Candy Red, and original Denim Blue.
Bee Buzz Info: The Black Cat Bee Buzz is our version of the original Roland Bee Baa, one of the classic icons of great vintage fuzz pedals. We started by examining an original Roland Bee Baa to be sure we would have an accurate reference for the original circuit. But we quickly noted many areas in the Bee Baa that needed improvement, such as excessive noise and lack of balance between the tone settings. In addition, the "Treble Boost" in the original Bee Baa was not a feature that most players found useful - so we worked on making a boost mode that would appeal to the modern guitarist. The response we've gotten from the first run of Bee Buzz pedals has been overwhelmingly positive!
Bee Buzz Features:
  • Transparent color brushed aluminum enclosure
  • Elegant top-grade knobs and hardware
  • Cool black glass epoxy PCB with yellow silkscreen
  • Metal film resistors and audio grade capacitors
  • 3PDT true-bypass switches and Switchcraft jacks
  • Uses 2.1mm Boss style power jack, or internal 9V battery
  • Bi-Color LED to indicate Fuzz/Boost modes
  • Based on original Roland Bee Baa design
  • Hand-wired, Boutique quality, Made in USA
Pricing and Availability:
$225 More information:
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