Steve Stevens Programs Pedals

The guitarist behind Billy Idol, adds his sonic touch to TC Electronic's TonePrint series   23-Jun-11

Steve Stevens Programs Pedals

Here's the TC Electronic press release:
TC Electronic is excited to present two new, rocking TonePrints from one of the most inventive guitar players who is as much a highly regarded sideman for the stars as he is a respected 'musician's musician'.
Steve Stevens is mostly known for his brilliant guitar work with Billy Idol, but he has also collaborated with other major stars such as Michael Jackson and Robert Palmer. Last but not least, he formed his own super group in 2008 with no other than the legendary bass player, Tony Levin, and the amazing drummer, Terry Bozzio!
Stevens has created two unique TonePrints in collaboration with TC Electronic – one for the Vortex Flanger and another for the Flashback Delay. The 'Ladyland' TonePrint for Vortex Flanger is based on the 'through zero' setting, and it replicates the classic flanger sound that guitarists used to create manually by combining two tape delay units. The result is spot-on, so it is no longer necessary to set up multiple tape delays to obtain this classic effect. Stevens' 'Echo' TonePrint for Flashback Delay is also inspired by a classic-sounding delay with a certain and very appealing edge to it as well as a long decay.
Steve Stevens is one of the most gifted guitarists to emerge from the 80's music scene. It was during the early 80's that Stevens hooked up with ex-Generation X singer, Billy Idol. Idol found the perfect creative match in Stevens, and Idol's career skyrocketed as he became one of MTV's early video stars -- spurred on by Stevens' inventive guitar work. In 2008, Stevens released the critically acclaimed instrumental album, Memory Crash, and this year marks a 30-year musical partnership with Billy Idol that is stronger today than ever.

Pricing and Availability:
Steve Stevens' TonePrints are available as free downloads on TC Electronic's website. More information:
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