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PRS Guitars interview Carlos Santana and his long-serving guitar tech, Ed Adair   04-Jul-11

In a series of video interviews, PRS guitars have talked to Carlos Santana and all the members of his band plus his guitar and amp tech, Ed Adair, who has worked with Carlos since 1988. More information:
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Jensen Lee    Said...

Though a signature song of Santana, “Black Magic Woman” was originally a bluesy UK hit by Fleetwood Mac, written by guitarist Peter Green. Carlos Santana made it “completely new, totally familiar” by adding Latin rhythms and Gabor Szabo’s “Gypsy Queen.” Rockaeology at tells how Peter Green transformed an Otis Rush song into what would become a rock classic.

04-Jul-11 05:42 AM

Kaycie    Said...

Thanks for being on point and on taregt!

13-Jan-12 04:41 PM

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