Channel Selector Footswitch

3RD POWER announce their AB Channel Selector   08-Jul-11

Channel Selector Footswitch

3RD POWER Amplification has announced its first foot pedal switching device, the AB Channel Selector. Here's what they have to say about it...
Made in the USA, this rugged hand-wired pedal gives guitarists a quick and easy way to instantly switch between two discreet output paths from one input source. Bright red and blue LED's display the selected status of the audio signal flow. Primarily designed as a means of channel switching its Dream Series amplifiers, the unit functions equally well when deployed as a switching device to select between two different effects setups, amplifiers or switch between an amp and tuner. The AB Channel Selector's hand-wired point-to-point circuitry delivers a direct signal flow to the selected output. Meanwhile, the unused signal path is shorted to ground to eliminate excess noise from the connected yet inactive device. Bright red and blue LEDs are utilized to display the status of the active signal path. A red LED lights to show that output "A" is currently selected and active. Alternatively, a blue LED lights to show that output "B" is currently selected and active. The LEDs are powered by an on-board 9V battery and alternatively via an external power source when connected to a standard 9V DC power supply. Audio connections to the AB Channel Selector are made via standard ΒΌ" phono jacks. The unit bears the unique styling of 3RD POWER's Dream Series amplifiers.
"Artists have expressed the desire to deploy our Dream Series amplifiers with channel switching functionality," notes 3RD Power founder and designer Jamie Scott. "We developed the AB Channel Selector specifically to unlock this functionality while staying true to the hand-wired direct signal path of these amps without the use of any IC chips, relays or other electronic switches." Pricing and Availability:
$129 More information:
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