Grid1 Launches The Pedal Jeanie Jr

Rechargeable battery-powered pedalboard with a smaller form factor than the original Pedal Jeanie   08-Jul-11

Grid1 Launches The Pedal Jeanie Jr

Grid1 has launched the Pedal Jeanie Jr, another rechargeable battery-powered pedalboard like the Pedal Jeanie launched at the NAMM show in January. Here's their press release with the details...
Earlier this year, Grid 1 launched a battery-powered pedalboard called the Pedal Jeanie at the 2011 winter NAMM show. Since then the company has been busy keeping up with demand. "We did not expect our sales to ramp up so quickly", commented Grid 1's President Kevin Frazier.
"We make all our battery-powered audio products here in northern California so it does not take long to produce more units. We decided to fast track the production of the half size Pedal Jeanie Jr™, as many dealers were asking for a smaller board size, said Frazier. The Pedal Jeanie™ and the Pedal Jeanie Jr™ are in stock and shipping to dealers across the US and Mexico".
The Pedal Jeanie Jr™ is ultra quiet and not susceptible to AC line noise. It comes equipped with a battery level LED located on top of the chassis. The LED glows green to show full battery status, then glows orange to show low battery, and finally will glow red to alert the users to charge the pedalboard. It can be charged while it is in use, and offers universal power so the Pedal Jeanie Jr™ can be charged anywhere in the world! There is also an optional car charger available.
The Pedal Jeanie Jr™ supports six to eight effect pedals. It has the same power and DC connectivity as the standard Pedal Jeanie™. The unique "patent-pending" matrix design offers a multitude of layout and configuration options. The Pedal Jeanie Jr™ pedalboard measures 23" x 11" x 4", and is constructed of heavy duty 16 gauge steel. Under the chassis there are a total of 10 built-in DC barrel connections that make it easy to add pedals and keep the top of the pedalboard clutter-free.
Next to every pedal connection there is an LED fault indicator light to make it a snap to find a shorted pedal or trace a potential hook-up problem. The wedge shaped design and open bottom keep the weight to a minimum and offer many set-up possibilities. A stainless steel handle is provided for easy transport. All DC power cables, tie wraps, batteries, and battery charger are included in the box.
Pricing and Availability:
$299. More information:
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