1x12 Cab With A Difference

3RD POWER introduces Switchback 112 cabinet   11-Jul-11

1x12 Cab With A Difference

Here's the 3RD POWER press release:
Following the launch of the groundbreaking British Dream amplifier and Switchback 312 cabinet at NAMM 2011, 3RD POWER Amplification LLC is launching another state-of-art guitar speaker cabinet. In keeping with the "Dream" and "Switchback" concepts, triangle speaker chamber contained within a rectangle outer shell, this new compact 112 cabinet attains a similar sonic experience typically associated with 212 designs in a cabinet that's 35 percent more compact, all with an enhanced clarity via a wider, smoother frequency response and dispersion pattern than any other single 12" cabinet currently on the market.
The Switchback 112 employs 3RD Power's patent-pending signature Switchback porting system on the back of the cabinet. Computer tuned to extend the low frequency response, the triangular port behind the speaker gives the user a choice closed- or open-back sound, effectively doubling the tonal possibilities of whichever amplifier the cabinet is paired with. The cabinet also features the striking visual styling of 3RD Power's popular Dream Series amplifiers.
"Artists and studio engineers have requested that we create the Switchback 112 to better facilitate recording and live performance setups. It seems more common these days for the amplifier head and the cabinet to be in separate locations whether recording or performing live," notes 3RD Power founder and designer Jamie Scott. "We've had great success with our cabinets being used on major tours by players like James Richardson (MGMT), Patrick Matera (Katy Perry), Korel Tunador (The Goo Goo Dolls) and others. We've also had great success in the studio with major producers and engineers like Sylvia Massy, Justin Neibank, Paul Ebersold and others. The light-weight Switchback 112 gives professionals such as these the type of sonic performance typically associated with larger cabinet designs, but with a refined clarity and tone that really translates well on recordings, in the PA as well as when monitored by the artist via in-ear monitoring systems.
Using breakthrough proprietary technology, the Switchback range of speakers come in three sizes (112, 212 and 312) and utilizes, for the first time on the market, triangular speaker chamber construction. This revolutionary technology is based on minimizing parallel surfaces within the speaker chamber to reduce internal reflections and their associated interactions that can result in uneven comb-filtered responses to the sound. The SB112 weighs it at a mere 27 lbs unloaded and measures (WxHxD) 19.75 x 22.85 x 10.5 in.
Pricing and Availability:
3RD Power has priced the new Switchback 112 at an introductory $699 in its standard configuration, which includes a premium ceramic magnet 12" loudspeaker. Optional upgrades are also available. More information:
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