The Les Paul Deluxe Returns

It's back to the 1970s with mini humbuckers in Gibson's latest goldtop   11-Aug-11

The Les Paul Deluxe Returns

We've always liked that bite you get from Gibson's mini humbuckers and now they are back in a new incarnation of the Les Paul Deluxe. Let's let Gibson tell the story:
Throughout the classic-rock era of the 1970s, if you mentioned "Les Paul" to a guitarist they usually heard "Deluxe." Made in the image of the original single-cutaway set-neck Les Paul Standard of 1958 to '60 but with a pair of mini-humbucking pickups for the brighter, more cutting tone that many players were demanding, the Les Paul Deluxe ruled the roost for the better part of a decade, and found an enduring place in the hearts of guitarists and collectors alike that has held fast ever since. Crafted in the image of the most revered version of this model from the early '70s, the Les Paul Deluxe newly recreated by Gibson USA offers all the ingredients that helped this instrument stand out from the crowd, including traditional tonewoods and electronics, superb playability and first-class Gibson craftsmanship. And it's all wrapped in a high-gloss Goldtop nitrocellulose finish to give it the look of the best-loved rendition of the Deluxes of old.
To set a firm foundation for tone, Gibson USA crafts the Les Paul Deluxe with the same tonewoods used in the most beloved example of the model from the 1970s. A carved maple top is glued to a Grade-A mahogany body that is strategically chambered to both enhance tone and reduce weight. A Grade-A quarter-sawn mahogany neck is carved to a comfortably rounded profile that measures .818" deep at the 1st fret and .963" at the 12th. It is capped with a premium Grade-A rosewood fingerboard with 22 medium jumbo frets and a radius of 12" for easy choke-free bending. Cream plastic binding provides a smooth feel and a classic look. To anchor it all down there's a Tune-o-matic bridge and stopbar tailpiece--two innovative classics of Gibson hardware--and a set of vintage-look Tone Pros® Keystone Vintage tuners with efficient 16:1 gear ratios.
All the ringing resonance and sustain wrought by these ingredients are transmitted to the amp with optimum depth and clarity by a pair of Gibson's legendary mini-humbucking pickups. The Les Paul Deluxe mini-humbuckers are made much like full-sized PAF-style humbuckers with genuine Alnico II magnets but with narrower coils and slightly fewer turns of wire for a sharper, more focused sound. They are perfect for cutting through a heavy band mix, while also going confidently into twangy and jangly genres that Les Pauls aren't usually thought to excel at, without sacrificing any of the depth and muscle that makes a great Les Paul what it is. Routed through the traditional complement of two independent volume controls and two independent tone controls and three-way toggle switch--and a great locking Neutrick® output jack for total plugged-in security--these pickups provide stunning tonal versatility. Put it all together--along with the gold Speed Knobs, "Deluxe" engraved truss-rod cover and LP Deluxe pickguard – all marks of the breed--and you've got an evocative recreation of a model that helped make today's rock what it is.
Each Les Paul Deluxe from Gibson USA comes with a plush-lined hardshell case, owner's manual, warranty and adjustment literature, and is covered by Gibson's Limited Lifetime Warranty and 24/7/365 Customer Service.
  • Grade-A Mahogany body with carved Grade-A Maple top
  • Fast, comfortable 50's-style neck profile
  • Bound Rosewood fingerboard with acrylic trapezoid inlays
  • Pair of Mini-Humbucker pickups in the neck and bridge
  • Tone Pros® Keystone Vintage tuners with 16:1 tuning ratio
Pricing and Availability:
$3,299msrp More information:
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