New Clip-On Tuner Available

Korg is now shipping the PC-1 Pitchclip Guitar and Bass Tuner   18-Aug-11

New Clip-On Tuner Available

Korg tells us that the ultra-light PC-1 Pitchclip tuner is now available. This new model is a chromatic, clip-on tuner with a new low-profile design and a high-visibility display.
A flexible mounting system allows the Pitchclip to be positioned extending in front of the headstock, or discreetly mounted behind the headstock. Korg tell us that the new high-contrast display provides an extra-wide viewing angle and that the sharp and flat ends of the display meter can be reversed, providing intuitive visual feedback in any position, under any lighting.
A Korg spokesperson told Sonic State, "In creating the Pitchclip, Korg has integrated the battery housing into the clip portion itself, providing a solid base and resulting in a more compact, articulate tuner body. As with other Korg clip-on tuners, the Pitchclip rapidly delivers highly accurate results."
Pricing and Availability:
The PC-1 Pitchclip is now available at a U.S. MSRP of $29.99.
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